Personal loan – Simulator, interest rate, how to do it

Financial unforeseen events are recurrent in everyone’s life and therefore, an alternative is to resort to personal loans. After all, this modality is known for its easy access offered by financial institutions, and it is also one of the options available on the market for those who need money quickly. For this reason, the Personal […]

How to apply for loans for unemployed?

Getting a loan, credit or any other type of financing when you are unemployed is much more complicated than when you are working and developing a paid work activity. However, even when a person is receiving periodic income in the form of unemployment benefits or unemployment benefits, conventional financial institutions and fast credit entities may […]

Real estate credit: the electronic signature facilitates the procedures

A mortgage is a financial process with sometimes long and painful stages. The administrative burden is often a chore which individuals do not love. But banking establishments are beginning to popularize the electronic signature of various documents. A method that demonstrates a certain speed while reducing the risk of occurrence of errors. Back on the […]

Loan without bank account verification – Loans without an account

Every fifth person living in Poland does not have a bank account – according to the report published on the website Fine Bank. This number may come as a surprise, especially since we are living in times where cashless transactions are an increasingly frequent phenomenon. In shops, we pay for purchases with a card, we […]

Mortgage loan: the offer for the first home purchase

Your first home is one of the most important investments for Italian families. The problem is not only choosing the right home but also the financing that best suits your needs and repayment ability. In spite of other categories of workers, employees and public pensioners they can count on a particular loan at subsidized rates. […]